German Pinscher

German Pinscher

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A prototypical working dog whose ancestry traces to the 15th century, the German Pinscher qualifies as a true Renaissance dog, excelling as a watchdog, farm dog, exterminator, show and competition dog, babysitter and home companion. Balanced and unexaggerated, the German Pinscher is medium in size, short in coat, muscular and elegant. Temperamentally the breed is both territorial and protective, discreet with its bark yet vivacious and ever alert. For the right person willing to be owned by an assertive, intelligent dog, the Pinscher promises close family companionship, good health and puppylike antics for many years to come. This Special Rare-Breed Edition dedicated to the German Pinscher presents a complete history of the breed in Europe and its arrival to the United States. Authors Sharon Morgan and Dee Gannon, breeders and exhibitors of the German Pinscher, offer an insightful look into the breeda€™s characteristics and attributes. Both the American Kennel Club standard and The Kennel Club (UK) standard are presented, with the latter amplified by British breeder and authority Gloria Cuthbert. Illustrated throughout with color photography, this new Comprehensive Ownera€™s Guide presents information on selecting and rearing a puppy, house-training and basic obedience, grooming, feeding, showing and much more. A special chapter on canine healthcare by Dr. Lowell Ackerman presents vital information that every owner needs to care for his dog.GERMAN. PINSCHER. German Pinschers in the ring at Westminster Kennel Club Dog. Is dog showing in your blood? Are you excited by the idea of gaiting your handsome German Pinscher around the ring to the thunderous applause of ananbsp;...

Title:German Pinscher
Author:Sharon Morgan, Dee Gannon
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2012-08-21


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