Get a Life

Get a Life

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Autobiographical writing has a particular value as a literary form, especially when, as seems clear, the written style is quite to the point, lucid and communicates well. The richly detailed and colorful account of the life, loves and friendships built up around the most extraordinary life of John L Werrill . The panorama of experience, trials, determination, effort to succeed in a worldly competitive arena, is richly textured, well observed, and not without more than the usual touch of spice and intrigue. No matter what obstacle, the writer seldom say's no, to anything especially on any or all challenges that he faces, along the way, compelling the reader to remain with him as each incident unravels. Working up the chain of command in a ship's galley, John's efforts are relentless, imaginative, creative, inspiring, and not without his inherent humor which carries him over many seemingly, insurmountable issues and ongoing incidents. Seldom he is boring, and slow to think, plus without a definitive plan of future life, we can learn a good lesson of achievement and a sense of purpose as one reads. From one arena, to the other, aboard cruise liner's of mammoth proportions, the Chef de Cuisine is held in high regard, as well he should, and John continues on his helter skeltor journey to the eventual pinnacle, but not without stark reminders of daily life's realities, unfazed by many, who would prefer the home comfort's he left behind. To luxury, spacious yachts with no limits on time, demand, and satisfaction, for the very rich and some famous, we get a very rare insight into the daily goings on, both on shore in sumptuous homes around the globe. Sailing to parts unknown on a whim. Immaculate turn out, undeniable hilarity, to keep one guessing from the beginning to the end. One might very well feel out of breath, when you have read it. Book Reviews I found this book to be quite delightful. In all of Mr. Werrill's travels and experiences, given his writing style, I felt I was right there with him. In his colorful and careful descriptions of his life, one was left with a feeling of what's next for this very adventurous gentleman. He left me with a sense of my own personal longing to write of my adventures. Who knows, perhaps you'll have another interesting book to publish one day. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and certainly would buy any future books written by Mr. Werrill. -Marlene Cooper Williams Readers' Comments 1) Uproarious antics and escapades with shipmates, employers, colleagues, and lovers. 2) Rivals and surpasses qBenny Hillq in being rather risqueacute; and absolutely hilarious. 3) Always the sense of family, especially Mother, Louise 4) Uncanny ability to think on his feet to avert nearly all matters of trouble...virtually rendering himself unscathed nearly every time. 5) Strong sense of faith, and three true loves, Beverly, Kirsten and mother. 6) One event after another, stealing your breath one moment, with an OMG, then total laughter. 7) Life onboard ship, private yachts and in the servitude of some of San Francisco's wealthiest. 8) Left with the feeling of having been that fly on the wall, witnessing one man's life that goes beyond all others. 9) When asked: Is there anything you have not done, anyplace you have not been, and anyone you have not met...the simple answer would be qNOq. 10) John L Werrill should receive an honorary professorship, and hit the lecture circuit, especially at the commence- ment of universities; he simply has so much to share of life experiences, which most people could not possibly envision. 11) An unbelievable sense of sadness upon Mr. Werrill's admission of a deep depression as he searches for his true SELF. 12) Having been there, done that...from top to bottom, front to back, and in between...there is renewal. 13) Yes, there should be a movie, but who would play thisWith several residences north and south of the Bay, they considered their house on Nob Hill to be their primary abode, ... One could say they had it made, and myself also on settling into my apartment on the first floor, at the rear, with my own bath and shower and god plated faucets. The next door apartment was occupied by Dorothy, the pleasant English maid and confidant of Mrs. Miller, whom I hadanbsp;...

Title:Get a Life
Author:John L. Werrill
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2006-05-01


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