Get Smart About Hallucinogens

Get Smart About Hallucinogens

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Learn the basic facts behind the dangers of hallucinogens (LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, and others), including their history, their medical use, signs of addiction and dependence, addiction treatment options, prevention tools for parents, and much more. Hallucinogens have been use by humans for many thousands of years, for both spiritual and recreational purposes. However, with developments in brain research, we now understand that hallucinogens, particularly those created in illicit laboratories, can be more potent and dangerous than theya€™ve ever been. In this Hazelden Quick Guide, expert resources and information come together in an engaging and accessible e-book short. Topics include: a€c What hallucinogens are and how theya€™re created a€c The history of their use and abuse a€c Changing cultural, social, and legal factors a€c Definitions of normal use, abuse, and dependence, with information on prevention and advice for parents a€c How the drugs work, including their health effects a€c Intervention and effective treatment methods a€c Relapse prevention tools for recovering dependents and addicts... of separation from their bodies, and some reportterrifying experiencesthat are likened to a near-death experience or a bad LSD trip. ... When used as a recreational drug, DXM is taken in much higher doses thanis medically recommended.

Title:Get Smart About Hallucinogens
Author:Publishing Hazelden
Publisher:Hazelden Publishing - 2014-07-01


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