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Get Sponsored

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Christopher Columbus needed a sponsor for a dangerous expedition, but the king of Portugal wasna€™t interested. He repackaged his proposal for the queen of Spain. She put Columbus on retainer, and the rest is history. Columbus may not have been the first to discover America, but he had a great publicist. Thata€™s where Jeff Blumenfeld comes in. For many years, using a PR specialty called adventure marketing, Jeff has connected explorers and their projects with corporate sponsors looking to demonstrate product performance in extreme conditions. His book takes the reader from Erik Weihenmayera€™s expedition to be the first blind man to summit Mount Everest, to the first confirmed dogsled expedition of the North Pole, to Audrey Mestrea€™s deadly free dive expedition off Bayahibe beach in the Dominican Republic. You Want to Go Where? is the only book that not only takes you behind the scenes of some of the most dangerous adventure expeditions in recent years, but also shows how you can fund and arrange your own trip, including details on everything from grants to sponsorships. For anyone whoa€™s ever had a dream to scale the tallest mountain or cross the largest ocean, You Want to Go Where? is your ticket. Full of fascinating stories and practical advice, ita€™s ideal for armchair explorers and budding adventurers alike.For example, two of my favorite project names are: Death Valley to Denalia€”In 1997, Sean Tracy, then thirtytwo, traveled by ... Accompanied by a friend, Alicia Ellingsworth, twentynineat the time, who drovea Toyota Land Cruiser support vehicle, Sean left the ... California, proceeded tothe northern part of the state, crossed into central Oregon, central Washington, then British Columbia, the Yukon, and.

Title:Get Sponsored
Author:Jeff Blumenfeld
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2013-11-20


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