Get Your Family Eating Right

Get Your Family Eating Right

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DIVLearn to Eat Healthy for Lifea€”in Just 30 Days!/div Are you concerned about the amount of sugar, processed meals, and low-nutrient foods that you and your family consume each day? Has mealtime solely become about getting something (anything!) on the table and getting it done? Has family meal-planning become an overwhelming chore of trying to balance limited time, money, and different tastes? DIV /divDIVIf you answered yes to any of these questions then Get Your Family Eating Right! can help you reclaim family mealtime. Studies are clear. Poor nutrition sets your children up for conditions like obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses as well as poor performance in school and activities. Families that consistently share nourishing meals together are healthier and happier. You can cook a healthy dinner but how do you ensure that healthy eating becomes a regular practice for you and your family and not something that ends when you get up from the table?/divDIV /divBased on the award-winning program used in New York City public schools, 30 Days to Get Your Family Eating Right gives day-by-day nutritional advice, recipes, and meal concepts that are adaptable for everyone in the family--from young children to adults. Broken down into strategies such as a€œPrioritize Whole Food Snacks, a€ and a€œEat All Your Colors, a€ and a€œPlan Meals Around Seasonal Foodsa€ you and your children get healthy eating lessons that can be used to make smarter food choices at home, work, and schoola€”today and for life. Eating better is doable and it isna€™t complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. Family nutrition pioneers Lynn Fredericks and Mercedes Sanchez give delicious recipes such as Quinoa Breakfast Cereal, Scandinavian Barley Salad with Apples and White Bean and Chorizo Spanish Stew that let you put the strategies into practice tonight, get the kids cooking with you, and your family eating better effortlessly.... fruitjuice, oatmeal cook- ies, peanut butter sandwich, popcorn, trail mix nuts, yogurt with fruit united states india Breads, samosa, lentil and other vegetable dips Figs, hummus, olives, stuffed grape leaves, whole wheat pita, yogurt dip greeceanbsp;...

Title:Get Your Family Eating Right
Author:Lynn Fredericks, Mercedes Sanchez
Publisher:Fair Winds Press - 2013-08-01


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