Getting Back Up Is Getting Through Life

Getting Back Up Is Getting Through Life

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Getting Back Up Is Getting Through Life Melvin Brown-Moore - Quotes Dream big. Good dreams are premonitions of what you are supposed to do. M B-M It doesn't matter where you start the race but you should always run to achieve your personal best. M B-M Sleeping is good for two things: getting the mental rest you need, and building the energy to work hard at accomplishing the dreams you pursue while you are awake. M B-M Luck isn't success because you don't have anything to do with it, it just happens to you. True success is something you make happen through hard work and trying again and again. M B-M Change comes from positive influences. Let yourself be influenced by positive people and your own positive attitudes. M B-M Great things happen when you least expect them. But, you can expect great things if you work at it. M B-M2003. By now you have probably seen a pattern in my life. Things go well, and I think to myself, aquot;All right, now Ia#39;ve put my troubles ... I came home from a business trip to Houston to find Robyn, the two boys, and our Nissan Altima missing.

Title:Getting Back Up Is Getting Through Life
Author:Melvin Brown-Moore
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2006-07


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