Getting in the Game

Getting in the Game

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Title IX, a landmark federal statute enacted in 1972 to prohibit sex discrimination in education, has worked its way into American culture as few other laws have. It is an iconic law, the subject of web blogs and T-shirt slogans, and is widely credited with opening the doors to the massive numbers of girls and women now participating in competitive sports. Yet few people fully understand the lawa€™s requirements, or the extent to which it has succeeded in challenging the gender norms that have circumscribed womena€™s opportunities as athletes and their place in society more generally. In this first legal analysis of Title IX, Deborah L. Brake assesses the statutea€™s successes and failures. While the statute has created tremendous gains for female athletes, not only raising the visibility and cultural acceptance of women in sports, but also creating social bonds for women, positive body images, and leadership roles, the disparities in funding between mena€™s and womena€™s sports have remained remarkably resilient. At the same time, female athletes continue to receive less prestige and support than their male counterparts, which in turn filters into the arena of professional sports. Brake provides a richer understanding and appreciation of what Title IX has accomplished, while taking a critical look at the places where the law has fallen short. A unique contribution to the literature on Title IX, Getting in the Game fully explores the theory, policy choices, successes, and limitations of this historic law.NCAA Division I Manual, 2008a€“2009 NCAA Operating Bylaws, Art. 15, As 3.4.2(d). ... Ford Motor Co., 231 F.3d 1080 (7th Cir. ... United Consumer Financial Services , No. ... In Title VII cases, employees can escape this risk by going straight to the EEOC and filing formal charges of discrimination before complaining internallyanbsp;...

Title:Getting in the Game
Author:Deborah L. Brake
Publisher:NYU Press - 2010-08-09


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