Getting It Now!

Getting It Now!

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TV chef Carrie Robbins (aka The Negligee Gourmet) thinks her archrival Philip Mallory is the ultimate food snob, but the network wants them to tape a cooking series together. The stuffy Brit just doesn't get Carrie's take on cuisine: serving up a mouthwatering dish while dressed like one. Well, if he can't take the heat, he can get out of the kitchen! Only, after she and Philip share a stimulating session of beating and whippinga€”eggs, that is!a€”Carrie realizes two things. First, that even though the so-called king of cooking is as difficult as a chocolate soufflAc, he's even more delicious. And second, that one taste isn't going to be nearly enougha€b.Red lipstick, electric-blue eye-shadow, false eyelashes and big-ass hair seemed to be the perfect combination. Carrie snorted. It invariably took her half an hour to remove the paint and get the various gels, sprays and tangles out of her hair.

Title:Getting It Now!
Author:Rhonda Nelson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2010-02-01


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