Getting It Together

Getting It Together

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If approached with an open mind and an awareness of the need for personal change Getting It Together embarks the reader on a delightful, informative, and productive journey with a direct focus on qYOU.q Cotton has designed this unique book to give persons an in-depth study of the inner dynamics of man, his inner and outer actions with himself, mankind, the living process, and the universe. Contents: PART I: YOU; What Time Is It? Formula for Good Life and Living; A Journey Into You; You Are the Key; Tripology of You; Mind; Conscious Phase; Sub-Conscious Phase; Super-Conscious Phase; The Human Mind/Brain; The Brain/Spinal Column; The Psychology of Consciousness; Attention a Awareness; Cosmic Consciousness; Body; Nutrition; Spirit; The Who of You; Therapeutic Affirmations; Roles; The Who of Me Worksheet; Roles Worksheet; Attitudes; Personal Attitude Worksheet; Emotions; Anger; My Emotions Worksheet; Self-Concept; My Self-Concept Worksheet; Self-Image Information; The Universe and You; Personality; My Personality Worksheet; The What of You; Know for Thyself; PART II: LIFE; Life Is; The Laws That Be; PART III: LIVING; Living Is; Determinants for Quality Living; The Within Experience; Prayer; Meditation; Subdue Dominionistic Approach; Believe; Suggested Therapies; How to Choose a New Life; What Is Health?; How to Get Started Toward the New You; Start on the Right Track; Bibliography.YOU! Yes, the play has a director, and it looks like thata#39;s YOU too. Leta#39;s see if we can find the producer. Well, what do you know?! The producer is YOU! ... YOU! No, ita#39;s not a one-person play, nor is it a one-act play. As a matter of fact, there are many, many characters in the play. Some of them play ... YOU are the most important and most interesting VIP you will ever meet in any lifetime.aquot; I reiterate ... This relieves you of placing the blame on things, people, places or whatever. Now, thatanbsp;...

Title:Getting It Together
Author:Jeanne Dolphus Cotton
Publisher:University Press of America - 1995-01-01


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