Getting Out

Getting Out

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Getting Out - Excerpts from a Cat's Diary is the first book in a trilogy of at least four books (according to the author). Translated from the original Cat by John Woodcock. It is a humorous 'diary' where 'Bridget Jones' meets 'The Great Escape' head on. The escapee is a domestic cat who believes that he is a great diarist and describes, in his own words, his almost daily escape attempts. Over 400, yes four hundred pages of laughter!Putting it neatly into a pile marked a#39;more laughable trash from the super race called Humansa#39;! Whatever the Aliens think, the Human super racea#39;s feeble and confused efforts at space exploration must have slowed down their imminent invasion, probably ... Day 22 of My Captivity: a#39;So how is the secret project coming along?

Title:Getting Out
Author:John Woodcock
Publisher:John Woodcock - 2009-01-27


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