Getting Things Done Through Project Management

Getting Things Done Through Project Management

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In this book, the author brings the proven tools and techniques of project management from the corporate world to the pedestrian and common-user level for practical street-wise application to both personal and professional pursuits. The book is designed as a self-help resource and self-paced guide. It provides step-by-step guide for getting things done. Project management has several underlying philosophies, principles, and epithets as motivation for executing a project. Following a project plan creates an atmosphere of progress toward an eventual goal in terms of incremental steps, recognized as tasks and activities. Taken together, the set of activities constitutes an identifiable project that can be managed with corporate-oriented techniques of project management. Any of the standard self-help guides and self-development pieces of advice can fit into the overall repertoire of project management methodologies. Reflecting the author's artistic interests, the book has generous embedding of figures and diagrams to illustrate applications of project management concepts. Topics covered include project planning, project organizing, scheduling, project monitoring, progress tracking, control, and close-out. Guiding and motivational philosophies also abound throughout the book.In the business world, a project charter is used to give notice of a project. The project charter is primarily ... A charter can also be used by the sponsor to provide general direction for the project and delineate requirements. The charter normally anbsp;...

Title:Getting Things Done Through Project Management
Author:Deji Badiru
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-05-04


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