Getting to Know Your Soul

Getting to Know Your Soul

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Getting To Know Your Soul is a compilation of teachings presented by Archangel Gabriel through Rev. Penny Donovan in lectures and seminars about the Soul. Whether you are an avid spiritual seeker wanting to know more, a novice in your spiritual exploration, or simply curious about the Soul, Getting To Know Your Soul contains insights and information that will touch you and enlightenyou. This book addresses the many and varying aspects of the Soul. It provides a guide and resource for those seeking answers about their current life situation and conditions. Included are: Definitions of Soul, God, and Spirit, and their relationship to one another The origins of Soul, God, and Spirit The purpose of the Soul and its influence on daily life The evolution of the Soul and how we influence it Answers to personal questions posed by participants at lectures and presentations Some will find the insights here reinforcing what they already know. Others will find these insights opening their awareness to something they have never considered. Still others will gain a new perspective about the Soul as they encounter these ideas. Regardless of what you discover, Getting To Know Your Soul is a resource to keep with you for the journey.every one of them, you enjoy them for the moment, and then they are lost to you because you do not internalize it and say: I am loved; and I love me; and I accept myself for I am God out-pictured! All-encompassing love is the most difficult thing anbsp;...

Title:Getting to Know Your Soul
Author:Rev Penny Donovan DD, Mary Lee-Civalier
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-06


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