Ghosts of Thunder Island II - Standing on the Edge

Ghosts of Thunder Island II - Standing on the Edge

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Follows Kelly McCoya€™s life after she returns to the sleepy island she grew up in and finds herself entwined in the lives of others through paranormal experiences she wants to deny. Unemployed and barely able to walk, she finds herself reluctantly entangled in the mysterious and untouchable disappearances of young girls over the course of the last 40 years around the northern coast of the state. When the ghosts of the girls begin visiting her, Kelly begins to question her skillful ability of deduction as possibly a higher sense. Add in an eclectic group of ghost hunters, a contract with her brother-in-lawa€™s agency as a vigilante officer and Kellya€™s life begins to go out of control with twists and turns.She awakened to someone standing outside her door. a€œMom? ... door. No Sniffle or a€œYes, sweetheart, it was just me checking to make sure Dusty didna#39;t kickoff her covers. ... Kelly ran a hand through the light streaming through the doorway. ... His mouth opened wide to expose a thousand tiny and sharp shark teeth within.

Title:Ghosts of Thunder Island II - Standing on the Edge
Author:Jannette Quackenbush
Publisher:21 Crows Dusk to Dawn Publishing - 2011-01-01


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