Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons

Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons

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Amy Buswell and Bruce Lansky's Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons turns struggling readers into happy readers a€” For Grades 2a€“5. Many struggling readers are embarrassed to read aloud. They are often intimidated or bored by texts that conventional programs require them to practice. So, instead of catching up, they fall further behind. Currently 67% of American fourth graders cana€™t read grade-level text. Reading specialist Amy Buswell has spent eight years looking for remediation methods that work. a€œWhat is needed, a€ Buswell explains, a€œis a program that improves the motivation of struggling readers, because that accounts for 90% of the problem.a€ Four years ago, Buswell came up with a brainstorm. She knew her best readers enjoyed reading Bruce Lanskya€™s poetry books for pleasure. The more poems they read, the better the reading got. Why not use Lanskya€™s kid-tested poems as texts struggling readers could practice on to improve their readinga€”using six research-based strategies: choral reading, echo reading, paired reading, repeated reading, sustained silent reading and a€œsay it like the charactera€ reading. a€” This book is the result of that brainstorm and the resulting collaboration between Buswell and Lansky. It gives teachers and parents everything they need to help children improve their reading: -35 kid-tested poems by Bruce Lansky -35 customized reading lessons by Amy Buswell -35 off-the-wall illustrations by Stephen Carpenter -35 sets of zany performance tips by Bruce Lansky a€ball of which is designed to make the process of reading improvement more like fun than work. a€” What Amy Buswell and Bruce Lansky have created is the most entertaining fluency intervention ever. Thata€™s why it is so successful at overcoming negative attitudes to improve reading skills and scores. Ninety-five percent of participating students made significant improvement in their fluency (reading rate). And average reading scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) for Buswella€™s school raised her schoola€™s rating to an A for the first time. In 2011, Buswella€™s school achieved one of the highest-percentage reading gains in the county. a€” Therea€™s no reason parents cana€™t get in on the fun, too. Parents will enjoy Lanskya€™s funny poems and Stephen Carpentera€™s delightful illustrations as much as their children. By reading the poems with their children and encouraging their children to try some of Lanskya€™s entertaining performance tips (by adding gestures, sound effects, props and finding additional readers: be they friends, family or neighbors), they can dramatically speed up their childa€™s reading progress (and have lots of fun in the process.)I sneak down after homework and turn the set on low. But when she sees me watching it, my mother yells out, a€œNo!a€ Dad says, a€œIf you dona#39;t turn it off, Ia#39;ll hang it from a tree!a€ I rather doubt hea#39;ll do it, a#39;cause he watches more than me. He watchesanbsp;...

Title:Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons
Author:Amy Buswell, Bruce Lansky, Stephen Carpenter
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2014-08-05


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