Global Climate Change and Tropical Ecosystems

Global Climate Change and Tropical Ecosystems

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Tropical ecosystems - the regions between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn - play an important role in global processes, economic issues, and political concerns. In their natural state, tropical ecosystems support a large quantity of above- and below-ground biomass, and constitute a major part of the terrestrial carbon pool. Conversion of the natural ecosystem to agriculture and forestry ecosystems disturbs this ecological balance. Global Climate Change and Tropical Ecosystems presents data on carbon pool fluxes from case studies in 12 countries in tropical regions. The chapters cover: Characteristics of tropical ecosystems Soil and biotic carbon pools Impacts of land use and soil management Slash-and-burn practices Crop residue and fertility management This volume adds to the understanding of pedospheric processes in tropical ecosystems and how to better use soils as a sink for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. With Global Climate Change and Tropical Ecosystems you will understand the link between soil productivity, environmental quality and the global carbon cycle, not only in these ecologically sensitive regions but worldwide.Several are important: What is the role of tropical ecosystems as sources or sinks for atmospheric CO2, and how does the potential change in climate alter ecological processes and basic functions of such ecosystems? How do anthropogenicanbsp;...

Title:Global Climate Change and Tropical Ecosystems
Author:John M. Kimble, Bobby A. Stewart
Publisher:CRC Press - 1999-12-20


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