Global Warming and Earth’s Evolution

Global Warming and Earth’s Evolution

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Global warming is a major phenomenon that is negatively affecting Earth. But what most people dona€™t realize is that this effect is not limited within the planeta€™s atmosphere; it may also affect Eartha€™s journey through space. In Global Warming and Eartha€™s Evolution, author Graham Winston reveals that the bigger picture is bigger than Global Warming and Global Warming is only the tip of the iceberg of Eartha€™s own challenges. The book describes the real truths of Global Warming is mainly caused by mana€™s unnecessary destruction of natural resources earth depends on to be in a good condition to successfully complete its next evolution cycle. The book explains the importance of the cycles and what evolutionary changes occurred on earth. Many previous unexplained phenomena could be linked to eartha€™s evolutionary cycles. The extinction of the dinosaur, the birth of the Grand Canyon: why has no large object recently collided with the Moon when millions of craters exist on the Moon? Why has the impacts stopped and when will the impacts start happening again? These and other fascinating examples of unsolved phenomena will open the minds of many readers to this new dimension of thinking what happened on earth millions of years ago and whether earth will survive the next evolutionary cycle. Global Warming has caused a negative effect on earth natural defense mechanism earth depends on to survive the severe challenges when close to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. About the Author Graham Winstona€™s professional experience spans over 20 years and involves solving complex problems. To achieve success in these business fields Winston solved many complex problems. The common skill applied across these fields was the development of innovative thinking. This later led to apply these same problem-solving techniques on Global Warming and Eartha€™s evolution cycles to understand the relationship between Global Warming and Eartha€™s own evolutionary journey as Earth travels across the Universe.a#39;a#39;When Global Warming is only the tip of the iceberga#39;a#39; Graham Winston ... The literature further argues that a relationship may exist between the Eartha#39;s journey through space and the effects it has on the Eartha#39;s ... The six major continents are Africa, America, which includes North and South America, Antarctica, Australia, and Eurasia, which consists of Europe and Asia. ... Where did these forces originate?

Title:Global Warming and Earth’s Evolution
Author:Graham Winston
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-05-15


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