Globalisation and Governance in India

Globalisation and Governance in India

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This book examines the impact of globalization on some vital aspects of Indian politics, its structures and processes, and identifies the challenges to globalization itself, in order to highlight Indiaa€™s complex and fascinating story. In 1991, India officially embraced the policy of neo-liberal reforms by signing the GATT agreement, which exposed the country, its society, culture and institutions to the various forces of globalization. Globalization as such may not be new to India, for the country has been embracing the influence of external cultures and civilisations for millennia, but the post-1991 reforms policy marked a significant shift, from a predominantly social welfare state and a command economy to a predominantly market driven one. Through a range of disciplinary perspectives, the authors analyse how Indiaa€™s version of secularism, communal harmony, nationhood, the public sphere, social justice, and the rights of aboriginal communities came under attack from the forces of the new dispensation. The book goes on to show how globalisation in India has posed fresh challenges to political economy, democracy, federalism, decentralization, parliamentary system, judiciary, and the parliamentary Left. Critically reflecting on themes in the context of Indiaa€™s globalisation that are local, regional, national and global, this book will be of interest to those in the fields of South Asian Politics, Globalisation, and International Relations.Uttarakhand: ecological reasons for Statehood Uttarakhand, the twenty-seventh State of the Indian Union and ... and Hardwar, was created in 2000 a€“ after a long gap of twenty-five years since the last State was formed a€“ in order to fulfil the ... For instance, when the Union government started the task of constructing new roads along the Himalayan frontier for easy ... the plains, thus denying the local people any employment; work, if at all given, was that of manual labour at paltry sums.

Title:Globalisation and Governance in India
Author:Harihar Bhattacharyya, Lion König
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-07-24


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