Globalization and a Shrunken World

Globalization and a Shrunken World

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The book deals with pros and cons of Globalization and its focus extends both to the home and host countries. While Globalization has been beneficial it has not been without challenges for both home and host countries. There are many areas where the host countries, tend to benefit significantly, from Globalization. The interface with the global economy unleashes a lot of positive energy in the economic systems of the affected countries, particualrly in the host country's economy. The book deals with the challenge of immigration, which the developed countries are facing, as an offshoot of inclusiveness that comes with Globalization. Increased debt intensity in some of the developed economies have resulted from their integration with the World economy, which many countries have witnessed since early 1990s. The book also delves into how the phenemenon of Globalization has been leveraged, by some countries more than others. While US has been the leader in unleashing Globalization, India, an effervescent democracy, have gained substantially, from this trend, having significantly developed its professional competencies.It was helped by a boom in sport-utilities and other light trucks based on Forda#39;s F- 150 model, which even until 2005, ... Expedition and Lincoln Navigator sport utilities of Ford Company outshone other peers and impressed the Wall Street to anbsp;...

Title:Globalization and a Shrunken World
Author:Subhrendu Bhattacharya
Publisher:Author House - 2011-12-13


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