Globalization Contained

Globalization Contained

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The freight container facilitates an extraordinary amount of commercial exchange while undermining sovereign autonomy. By helping to integrate world trade, the container empowers the activities of non-state actors - both licit and illicit. These activities have given rise to new tensions that threaten the very economic globalization that the container helped create. Hoovestal delves into the social, economic and strategic ramifications of the container in Globalization Contained. On the one hand, despite their ideological differences, economies like those of the US and China have a common interest in the globalization that containers make possible. On the other hand, this seemingly simple piece of technology stands between liberalist market 'freedom' and realist sovereign 'security.' Examining the global significance of the freight container, with particular emphasis on the perspectives of the US and China, Globalization Contained considers the implications of the freight container as an agent of change for the future of the global economy and global security.The Economic and Strategic Consequences of the Container Lance E. Hoovestal . 30. 31. 32. 33. ... Available at: -13/u-s- backs-off-all-cargo-scanning-goal-with-inspections-at-4-.html [Accessed May 21, 2013]. Telephone ... Congressional Research Service. 2005. ... Available at: http:/ / documents/organization/59935.pdf [Accessed October 12, 2010].

Title:Globalization Contained
Author:Lance E. Hoovestal
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2013-09-19


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