Globalization: Prospects and Problems

Globalization: Prospects and Problems

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Globalization: Prospects and Problems, by JoAnn Chirico, provides a comprehensive and enlightening overview of globalization issues and topics. Emphasizing the theory and methods that social scientists employ to study globalization, the text reveals how macro globalization processes impact individual livesa€”from the spread of scientific discourse to which jobs are more or less likely to be offshored. The author presents a clear image of a€œthe big globalization picturea€ by skillfully exploring, piece by piece, a myriad of globalization topics, debates, theories, and empirical data. Compelling chapters on theory, global civil society, democracy, cities, religion, institutions (sports, education, and health care), along with three chapters on global challenges, help readers develop a broad understanding of key topics and issues. Throughout the text, the author encourages readers to relate their personal experiences to globalization processes, allowing for a more meaningful and relevant learning experience.Beyond food, the restaurant also offers consumers amenities like an indoor playground, childrena#39;s birthday parties, clean restrooms, and a stylish design. ( Matejowsky 2006 ... Does the ubiquity of McDonalda#39;s bring more homogenization , or does it create more diversity? ... It lowers the cost of production and increases profits.

Title:Globalization: Prospects and Problems
Author:JoAnn Chirico
Publisher:SAGE Publications - 2013-08-01


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