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If the God who spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai 3000 years ago, does not speak to Mr. Mosley in Miami Beach in 2009, we have a theological problem. This book is the result of a deep conviction that to be effective in the 21st century, a preacher must focus one eye on the Bible and the other on the mass media. This collection of 52 sermons invites the reader to awaken to a new level of consciousness about his innate identity as a spiritual being and to affi rm the divinity in others. The author beautifully blends his personal stories with the stories of God and challenges you to look beyond what you see, to experience God with your sixth sense, treat every place as holy ground and to love your neighbor as an extension of your own self. Thought provoking and non traditional, these sermons are relevant beyond the walls of churches and chapelsHad I lived in India, nobody would ask me a€œWhere are you from and how do you pronounce your last name?a€ Sometimes, I have prayed, that nobody asks for my last name. Many people from India have cleverly avoided this problem by changing their last names or using their middle names as last names. During my moments of confusion and alienation, I have regretted not changing my name early on.

Author:Paul Veliyathil
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-01-28


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