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You are experiencing, by reading this book, the only fiction suspense involving true events every published where the writer is actually the acting victim. By assigning the name Godmother to the woman raising me as her son when mother looked for greener pastures with another man away from the coal fields of West Virginia, this book is written. Unless you have the stomach to digest Godmothera€™s wrath on Mickey, the boy in this book, I strongly recommend you not read this book. She is mentally unstable and exhibits love and compassion to thea€™ point of no return during her rage lasting only minutes. Her dependency on sex with his dad while her husband sleeps in the room next door, erupts in attempted murder on a cold winter night. Godmothera€™s brutal and abusive manner on the boy, while his dad works in the mine, forces him to use whatever control he can muster to hold her at bay for another day. His father, uneducated, is unable to understand her sudden rage dissipating without reason. He tries to satisfy her desire to brutality by engaging in her fulfillmentby showing his anger striking the boy with his leather strap repeatedly whileshe engages in laughter and hand clapping, a€œHIT EM AGAIN.a€ a€œEither Mickey goes to the Union Mission or youa€™re out in the cold, a€ she tells his father. Events leaves his father his only choice, take the boy to the Mission. The Union Mission was the boya€™sonly salvation away from her brutally and his father beatings. But, life isna€™t peaches and cream. The brutally continues for months until his father suddenly brings him home back to Godmother wihere she is unexpectedly confronted with Mickey home.The rage continues for years, until...He moved his legs to step out onto the step of the rumble seat but waited for a moment as a voice from inside the car said something in ... Horns blew every now and then making me move my head in all directions wondering what the horn blowing was all about. People ... He stepped up onto the step of the car and grabbed my cardboard suitcase by the string and set it down while still talking to Domokos.

Author:Mike Toth
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-01-07


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