Gods of the Runes

Gods of the Runes

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The ancient origins and divinatory power of the runes a€c Uncovers the original divinatory meaning of each rune through the myths of its corresponding Norse god or goddess a€c Includes beautiful full-color illustrations of the runic gods and goddesses a€c Presents rune-casting spreads for divination and character analysis a€c Explores the controversial history of runes from the Paleolithic Stone Age to today Invented long before the appearance of the runic alphabet Futhark less than two thousand years ago, the runes were originally created as symbols for specific deities. Representing the twenty-four Norse gods and goddesses from the Vanir and Aesir pantheons, the runes provide a way to establish direct contact with the divine shapers of fate. Based on the work of Austrian mystic and runologist Guido von List and anthropologist Marija Gimbutas as well as the oldest rune artifacts to survive from pre-Christian Europe, this book reveals the long history of runes from their appearances in Paleolithic cave paintings through their rechristening in Medieval times to their modern resurgence as a popular tool of divination. It uncovers the original names and divinatory meanings of each rune by exploring the myths, personality traits, astrological periods, identifying colors, and gemstones of the runea€™s corresponding god or goddess. It also illustrates and explains five ancient rune-casting spreads used by Norse adepts for divination as well as character analysis. By renewing their link with the divine, Gods of the Runes shows how working with the runes can be a genuine mystical experience, enabling a personal connection with the gods and a rediscovery of their perennial truths.... because all the gods, including Odin, the king of heaven, had at some time or other compromised their divinity, even if for ... breakfast, for they were the means by which the gods and goddesses shone in vibrant good health throughout time.

Title:Gods of the Runes
Author:Frank Joseph
Publisher:Inner Traditions / Bear & Co - 2010-11-11


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