Going Nowhere Fast In Assetto Corsa (2015-08-18)

Going Nowhere Fast In Assetto Corsa (2015-08-18)

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This book is a comprehensive guide to race driving on Assetto Corsa, a new racing simulator from Kunos Simulazioni. It is not a gaming guide. If you are seeking a gaming guide that teaches you shortcuts on achievement badge earning, tips on points scoring, or cheats on beating online opponents unfairly, you have come to a wrong place. What you will find in this book are technical topics covering graphics card tweaking, force feedback customisation, simulator configuration, race car dynamics, racing components, car set-up, driving techniques, racing rules, race tactics, and psychology of race driving. I also present the racing lines for all the tracks supported in the current version 1.2.x, which are laser scans of the real racing circuits. I describe each track, corner-by-corner and bump-by-bump, with the cockpit view screenshots. 2015-08-18: Am Add Zandvoort, Miura, Quattro, GT-R, and GT86 to match version 1.2.x Am Add explanation of slow-motion perception during crashes and placebo effect of set-up modifications Am Distinguish between static and dynamic friction Am Add description of 180-degree spin and doughnut loop techniques Am Expand hardware set-up section and audio settings section Am Update Mugello track guide 2015-05-01: Am Update Spa, Nordschleife, and Trtento-Bondone track guides Am Expand Lotus 98T and Sauber C9 car guides Am Optimise embedded images 2015-04-26: Am Update Nordschleife track guide Am Update Alfa 155 car guide Am Improve quality of embedded images Am Fix minor ePub formatting issues for Google Play edition 2015-04-16: Am Add track guide for Nordschleife included in DP1 Am Add handling guide for each car type, including DP1a€™s Alfa 155 AWD Am Add the use of Exos and P1 DRS functionality to match version 1.1.x Am Add section on hill climbing techniques Am Refine packers, cones, and turbocharger descriptions Am Update configurations to match version 1.1. x Am Create a more detailed table of contents for easier navigation Am Add author contact information 2014-12-31: Am Add explanation of simulator sickness and warnings thereof Am Update view, audio, and control configurations to match version 1.0. x 2014-11-04: Am Add track guides for Spa and Trento-Bondone to match RC contents Am Add explanation for steering wheel force feedback settings Am Add links to psychology reference books 2014-10-07: Am Add explanation of several set-up-related telemetry data streams Am Fix statement about handbrake support Am Fix statement about tyre flat-spotting 2014-09-21: Am Initial publicationprototype. cars. Prototypes are race-bred sports cars, comparable in performance and sophistication to the F1 cars of the same era. ... With only 905 kg in weight and a beefy engine in the rMR configuration, this car has a significant rear weight bias. The weight ... And it is not much harder to crunch the gears, either. The 5.0 L anbsp;...

Title:Going Nowhere Fast In Assetto Corsa (2015-08-18)
Author:Amen Zwa, Esq.
Publisher:sOnit, Inc. - 2014-12-31


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