Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971 - 2021

Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971 - 2021

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a€c a€œGold Value and Gold Prices: 1971 a€“ 2021a€ takes the reader on a journey of discovery that includes: a€c Why expert opinions regarding gold prices are often not helpful. a€c A history of gold prices since President Nixon closed the a€œGold Windowa€ in 1971. a€c The macro-economic variables used to empirically model the price of gold. a€c The formula for the Gold Empirical Model that accurately replicated the price of gold since 1971. a€c What the model projects for gold prices from 2014 - 2021. a€c Gold cycles, important ratios, and market bubbles. a€c Why counter-party risk and the Quantitative Easing policy pursued by the Federal Reserve and most other central banks will impact the price of gold and your financial future. a€c Why Fed policies and exponentially increasing debt will force gold prices and consumer price inflation much higher. a€c Central bank gold sales and their impact upon gold prices. a€c You will understand why you must own gold. Then you will learn where, how, and when to both buy and sell gold.2013 $1194 2.4 5.2 Summary: The price of gold bottomed in 2001, rallied for 3.0 years, fell for 1.1 years, rallied for 2.8 years, fell for 0.6 years ... It should reach Technical Analysis: 1)Gold pricesmade a doublebottom in December 2013 thereby.

Title:Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971 - 2021
Author:Gary Christenson
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2014-07-21


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