Golden Bracelets, Common Threads

Golden Bracelets, Common Threads

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qGolden Bracelets, Common Threadsq is the fictional story of the RamAƒA³n family whose quest for religious freedom leads to the New World. In 1495, King Ferdinand's Inquisitor is assassinated spurring a brutal massacre of the Jewish community. Young MoisAcs escapes. His exodus, guided by Fate, leads him to Portugal with two golden bracelets, mementos of love and remembrance, which he slips from the wrists of his dead mother. He takes a voyage of discovery to Brazil, Africa, and India. He settles in northeast Brazil. Generations later, when the merciless Portuguese Inquisitors arrive, MoisAcs' descendant must flee. His exodus to New Amsterdam in 1654 fulfills his family's Destiny. Six generations are linked by the common threads of tradition and by the two golden bracelets, symbols of the family's historic journey. Skillfully written and richly detailed, Golden Bracelets, Common Threads is an entertaining and entirely believable historical fiction novel about Fate, Family, and Destiny.I see it being used to make sweet desserts by the wives and mothers pouring their love into every morsel eaten by their families. ... a€œHow we use you to heal our sick, nourish our children, and always bring a smile to our women providing a piece of ... He stopped at the Big House to thank the Fernandeses for this experience.

Title:Golden Bracelets, Common Threads
Author:Steven Vajda - 2010-02-15


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