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Recommended for ages 15+ The first book in the Rare Earth series. Goldspell is about Opren, the seventeen year old son of a town butcher, who inherits a gold sphere from his grandfather when his grandfather passes away. This sphere turns out to be magical, and it begins to change OprenAas world when it somehow changes into a golden sword. Beings, some not human, begin to hunt Opren to steal the orb, and some will stop at nothing even if they must take his life to get it. After a tragic occurrence, Opren is driven to learn what is special about the object. Opren meets some interesting characters- including a beautiful young elf, an odd older man and a special beast- along his quest to discover more about the orb, and when he learns of its power the story just truly begins. Read and learn about the first of the Keepers of Rare Earth- the Keeper of the Goldspell, Opren Saphren.controlling the spell or the amount of time you can hold ita€”besides when you run out of energy, which is the first thing you ... should address the spells without using their spell word until you know how to control the one you say, just in case, anbsp;...

Author:R.W. Coates
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-11


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