Golf Etiquette

Golf Etiquette

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A revised, more focused edition of the essential golf etiquette handbook. Tiger Wood's popularity has introduced golf to thousands. Very few, however know proper golf etiquette--which is essential to enjoying the game. The revised edition of the classic book is vital for amateur and experienced players in addressing golf's number one problem: slow play. The book Paul Harvey lauded as qThe first and last word on how properly to behave on and off the golf courseq covers: *Proper attire *Playing through *Playing with Strangers *And much more All the latest advances are taken into account: satellite-based yardage systems, alternative spikes, and cell phones. Its handy size and useful photos and daigram make Golf Etiquette the perfect guide for on-the-fly tips and rules.Hesitancy, indecision, an exaggerated sense of politeness and inexperience, whatever the reasons, some players freeze like deer in the headlights. We each have our ... Briskly completing the activities before putting (stowing the bag, repairing pitch marks, and so on) has its advantages. ... By the book, he is playing out of turn, but in recreational play this is for the greater good. ... Distracted while puttinga€”someone moving or talking or taking practice puttsa€”wait 82 GOLF ETIQUETTE.

Title:Golf Etiquette
Author:Barbara Puett, Jim Apfelbaum
Publisher:Macmillan - 2003-11-01


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