Golf Freek

Golf Freek

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Steve Eubanks lives on a golf course, spends most of his time with a golf club in his hand, and simply cannot pass a course without playing it. In Golf Freek, he chronicles his travels around the globe for the sole purpose of playing as much free golfa€”the operative word being freea€”in as many interesting places and with as many interesting people as possible. As Steve himself says, a€œThis book is not some mystic search to find my soul through a ball-and-stick metaphor. Ita€™s about me, the golf freek, sponging free golf. Ita€™s a mixture of On the Road (without the booze, hookers, guns, and poverty) and Rick Reillya€™s Whoa€™s Your Caddy? (with John Daly keeping his private parts to himself).a€ Along the way he tells some of the worlda€™s greatest golf storiesa€”funny, touching, bizarre, and sometimes personala€”from his rounds with Arnold Palmer to his hole in one in the Chinese town where his daughter was born. These tales, taken together, add up to one of the most revealing books about From the Hardcover edition.As if driving to meet the King werena#39;t intimidating enough, the directions to his office didna#39;t do much to relax you. First you tumed out of the parking lot away from the aforementioned Arnold Palmer Pavilion, then you made a right at the Arnold Palmer ... A mile or so later you saw Arnold Palmera#39;s Latrobe Country Club on your right, a place where you could go into the grill and order an Arnold Palmer ( teaanbsp;...

Title:Golf Freek
Author:Steve Eubanks
Publisher:Crown - 2011-08-31


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