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Google web search engine is the most known service by Google, but what most of us take for granted is the variety of applications made available by Google. Applications like Google maps, Google Scholar, Gmail and many other applications by Google are just some example of Google more successful applications. Application like Google maps enable you to see any maps all around the world, Gmail is Googlea€™s own email service to rival other already established email providers such as Yahoo mail, Hotmail and many other email services in the internet, Google translate is used to translate any document or an entire webpage from one language to another. In this manual we will go through some of the more commonly used Google applications, namely Google Chrome, Google Search, Gmail, Google Translate, Google Calendar, Google Scholar and Google Maps/Earth. For this entire manual it is best to use Google Chrome as our main internet browser.When you click the star icon, a menu will pop up and a new webpage title appear in the bookmark bar blinking. All you need to do is rename it ... is saved immediately. If your Google Chrome browser doesna#39;t look attractive enough, you can try changing your browser theme. Still under the Personal Stuff tab, now look for the Theme field. Star icon 23. Before you continue, make sure you have an internet. 11anbsp;...

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