Grace Sticks

Grace Sticks

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Even on a bumper sticker, grace is irresistible. Grace Sticks: The Bumper Sticker Gospel for Restless Souls is light-hearted spiritual memoir and theological travel guidance for restless souls looking for more direction, more truth, and more life. Robb-Dover invites readers to reflect on how the bumper stickers they affix to their cars or entertain at traffic lights are themselves spiritual aspirations of sorts pointing to One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In their meanderings, with bumper stickers as pit stops, readers will laugh, cry, be provoked, and be inspired to look for God in the most seemingly frivolous and unlikely of places. They'll discover in the process there's as much grace to be found in the journeying itself as in the destination.The voices say, a€œi have to have more of (fill in the blank) to be somebody, to make my mark in this world, to survive and to win. ... Skinny boyfriend jeans. Diva jeans. Flirt jeans, or (if i didna#39;t want to flirt), Sweetheart jeans. Straight-leg, real jeans, as if ... from mid-rise or boot-cut to skinny or cropped, from the standard denim blue to yellow or polka-dotted. i just wanted a pair ofjeansa€”not an existential crisis!

Title:Grace Sticks
Author:Kristina Robb-Dover
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2013-10-10


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