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1a€”Natii Valen lost everyone she loved, but discovered millions at the turn of a day. 2a€”Nelly Cort, wanted assassin, trained for it, went for it, but never killed anyone. 3a€”Pari, A doctor of medicine and a scientific genius, never studied a day in her life. 4a€”Toni Dee, born to be probed and micro examined to extract the Fountain of Youth within her. 5a€”Ethel Katz, lawyer, has the moves in her mind and the knowledge in her soul. They symbolize the FIVE DANCING SISTERS, go forth in a daring adventure to build a womena€™s lodge called: GRACESSENCE. Francesca Mathen, their first sibling, fashion model in the highest stage entwines herself in a strange love affair.a€œOh...yeaa€”a€ He gazed at the coffee, without picking his head up, a€œMake me a western omelet to go with the java.a€ When the omelet was ready, Julia plucked the toast from the toaster, cut it diagonally and placed it alongside the omelet next toanbsp;...

Author:Larry Koster
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-12-01


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