Gracie's Ghost

Gracie's Ghost

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Steeg Patterson believed in three things: God, Country, and Gracie Ofterdahl's love. But as early as the ripe old age of 18, he was certain someone or something was conspiring against him. After high school, the draft board almost corrals him into the Army. When he joins the Navy instead, his first duty station--the U.S.S. Hornet--almost kills him. As war and duty pull him from everything he knows, he trusts Christ to protect the only relationship he would ever want, only to have every prayer go unanswered. Events far beyond his control carry him into the middle of the most momentous technological accomplishment in human history, and his personal life crumbles. Through it all, the sometimes funny, sometimes tragic turns his life takes show him who's really in charge of everything. And, try as he might, he doesn't like it.... a€œBouncing Bettya€ land mine, losing only both his legs below the knee, but not his life. He was a strong man who wore his personal resilience proudly every day , making his way around the small campus in his wheelchair with admirable ease .

Title:Gracie's Ghost
Author:Frederick Loeb
Publisher:Hillcrest Publishing Group - 2008-02-01


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