Grampa's Wild Game Recipes

Grampa's Wild Game Recipes

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Early settlers in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries were dependent on wild game for meat year round due to inadequate methods of food preservation. Wild turkey and other game were staple food items for settlers who explored and developed the Virginia countryside. But with increasing colonization, wild game was also hunted professionally and sold at markets to feed the growing human population in larger towns and cities. Wild game meats were sold in quantities comparable to domestic animals, and at a fraction of the cost of domestic meats. There is nothing finer than to be in the middle of the woods. There is no phone, no television, no beepers, no traffic. Just the noises of birds chirping, squirrels barking, and the beauty of the woods. We all know that hunting game is only half the fun. Eating it is the other half! Take a look at these mouth-watering concoctions and just eat!Other names given to the top blade steak or flatiron steak include: a€c Top Boneless Chuck Steak a€c Blade Steak a€c Petite Steak ... Alternate names for the mock tender roast include: The mock tender roast can also be cut into steaks, which areanbsp;...

Title:Grampa's Wild Game Recipes
Author:Grampa "Jj" Davis - 2008-12-22


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