Grandma's Food Processor Cookbook

Grandma's Food Processor Cookbook

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Table of Contents Introduction Types of Multipurpose Food Processors How to Work with a Multipurpose Food Processor Appetizers PActAc de foie a la CrAume Quiche au Roquefort Pastry Shell Cheese Wafers Ham and Cheese Snacks Crunchy Garden Vegetable Dip Salmon Savory Soups Gazpacho Soup Vichyssoise Cresson Minestrone Chowder Oriental Spinach Soup Quick Soup Ideas Soup Base for Cream Soups Salads Waldorf Salad Marinated Fresh Vegetables Salad Dressings Basil French Dressing Green Goddess Dressing Main Dishes Old Chinatown burger Sweet and Sour Sauce Ham Loaf Quick Main Dish Ideas Pizza Welsh Rarebit Desserts 2 Tone Brownies Sauces Hollandaise Sauce Tomato Sauce Appendix Baking the Pastry Shell Baking Your Pastry a€“ Blind Baking Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Ever since mankind has been inventing new food making processes like boiling, baking, brewing, stewing, the science of food preparation down the ages has not changed much, even though the world has gone through astonishing technological development. However, many of these food making, and preparing processes have been made easier, with the use of technical machinery. So in grandmothera€™s time, when food was prepared by chopping, slicing, dicing, and mixing and mincing was done by beating up the spices and the herbs in a pestle and mortar, nowadays we have food processors ready at hand.This dish is flavorful, hearty and satisfying a€“ everything you should expect from a seafood chowder. About 150 years ago, it would have taken a lot of time to make this dish, especially with all the chopping involved, but with a multi-foodanbsp;...

Title:Grandma's Food Processor Cookbook
Author:Dueep J. Singh, John Davidson
Publisher:Mendon Cottage Books - 2015-02-14


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