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Grassland: Quietness and Strength for a New American Agriculture takes on the task of increasing our awareness of the vital role grass and grassland plants have in ensuring a sustainable future for America. Geared toward agriculturists, students, the public, and policymakers, Grassland aims to inspire and provide the reader the foundation needed to move into the future. Three main sections * track the history of grassland farming, highlighting the voices of grassland advocates * examine the current roles that grassland plays throughout the United States * look at the benefits grass-based agriculture can provide when grass is treated as an essential resource As Wendell Berry so eloquently argues in the foreword to Grassland, True farmers have minds that are complex and responsible...They understand and honor their debts to nature. They understand and honor their obligations to neighbors and consumers...In the time that is coming, we are going to need many more such farmers than we have, and we will need them much sooner than we can expect to get them.We will get them only to the extent that young people come along who are willing to fit their farming to the nature of their farms and their home landscapes, and who recognize the paramount importance of grass and grazing animals to good farming everywhere. This book will help that happen.The glyphosate-resistant transgenic line of creeping bentgrass developed by Monsanto and the Scott Company is currently ... Early greens mowers were manual units requiring considerable effort to operate. ... Hydraulically operated triplex riding mowers were introduced in the 1960s and, because of the considerable laboranbsp;...

Author:Walter F. Wedin, Steven L. Fales
Publisher:ASA-CSSA-SSSA - 2009-01-01


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