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A dark, withering spirit and the last of its firstborn children, both at the doorstep of their elderly deaths. Yet they cannot die until a corruption is purged from their ancient, desolate land - a deceased dwelling that is hidden away in a sunken, wallowing valley deep in the New Mexico Desert. Five outcast young people, chosen and reborn into darkness by the spirit and commissioned to eradicate the corruption from its desert home. One is brilliantly gifted; he is a leader, a protector and now a cruel assassin. It is he of whom this darkness in the wallowing valley has risen up as its champion. One is born in the unnatural image of her dark spiritual father. She is the protected whose newborn cruelty exceeds only that of her beloved counterpart. One lurks happily in his newly birthed darkness; his vicious strikes are precise, imaginative, and impulsive. He is the sharpened warrior who serves faithfully at the side of the risen champion. One is blunt in both his loyalty and mischief. He is the firstborn of this new, dreadful generation. One is gentle yet as guilty as he is innocent. He is the prodigal, wandering alone within himself where he has set himself apart from both good and evil. The corruption: A harsh tempered megalomaniac and his abrasive staff, running a youth correction camp on this sacred yet impure land. They are the intruders who wona€™t learn of their violation until it is too late.Bruce left for the hotbox as soon as he was told leaving Richard behind to gather his paperwork and go over the ... however once he arrived Craig was already inside doing the same this while condensing the odorous air with cigarette smoke .

Publisher:Author House - 2010-10-05


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