Great Mythconceptions

Great Mythconceptions

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Presents a collection of facts and discovers about some of science's greatest myths.Camels do not store water in their humps. lnstead, the hump is used to store most of the camela#39;s fat a€” up to 80 lb. (This explains why ... One advantage of having so much fat stored on the camela#39;s back is that it insulates the camel from the heat of the desert sun. The fat also ... So even if the fat does get warm, it can transfer only a very small amount of heat to the total blood circulation of the body. ... good job. 7-1 Camels in Australia The Ghan is a train that - GREAT MYTHCONCEPTlONS.

Title:Great Mythconceptions
Author:Karl Kruszelnicki, Adam Yazxhi
Publisher:Andrews McMeel Publishing - 2006-08-01


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