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This path-breaking work offers the first comprehensive examination of the important personalities and events that have influenced the course of history. It discusses whether people who go down in history are different from the rest of us and whether specific personality traits predispose certain people to become world leaders, movie stars, scientific geniuses, and athletes. It sheds light on the depth of potential in everyone, yielding important clues as to how we can take advantage of our own individual personality traits. Probing the lives of a range of important figures, the book explores the full range of phenomena associated with greatness, scrutinizing the significance of everything from genetic inheritance, intuition, aesthetic appreciation, and birth order, to formal education, sexual orientation, aging, IQ, and alcohol and drug abuse. This book will be of interest to anyone interested in the people and events that have helped shape the world, including mental health professionals and scholars studying psychological topics in the larger context of science, art, politics, and history. The book also serves as an engaging text for undergraduate psychology courses.After the visits became history, the students had to reconstruct the odds that they allotted the various consequences. ... Yet a close examination of his past predictions reveals no foundation for acclaim. ... prophecy of the San Francisco earthquake neglected to specify even that the tremor would occur in the state of California. All that could be found was an ambiguous reference to global geological unrest.

Author:Dean Keith Simonton
Publisher:Guilford Press - 1994


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