Greek Wedding

Greek Wedding

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Brett Renshaw has not been having much luck. Spurned by his fiancAc and outcast from society, he has taken to his boat and escaped to the distractions of the Mediterranean. Here he is free to drown his sorrows and wallow in his misfortune. Rescuing two women from a Turkish Harem was certainly not part of the plan. For Phyllida Vanick, being rescued by such a disagreeable man is only bearable in stark comparison to the circumstances from which she is running. Phyllida has seen her father cut down before her eyes and lived through kidnap and the indignities of the harem. But she cannot go home now. Phyllida and her aunt are searching for her brother, Peter, an impetuous, idealistic young man caught up in the Greek War of independence. Reluctantly, Brett allows her to charter his yacht in aid of the search. A woman of determination, resolve, and beauty, she is more than a match for Brett Renshaw's tempers. This bold American heiress infuriates and charms the sarcastic aristocrat in equal measure. But they must learn to get along, for soon they will have to live through even greater trials. Together they must face down pirate kings, escape from a mountain fortress and survive wolves. Will love blossom between Phyllida and Brett, or will handsome pirates, stubborn pride and misunderstanding lead them off course? Greek Wedding, written by Jane Aiken Hodge, a master of historical romance, first published in 1970, is a sweeping romantic adventure, full of swashbuckling action and excitement.... being rowed out to her and wondered if by any miracle the packet might bring news that Bretta#39;s uncle had changed his will once more. Summoned below by Price, she found her aunt already at the breakfast table. ... I knew youa#39;d say that.

Title:Greek Wedding
Author:Jane Aiken Hodge
Publisher:A&C Black - 2014-01-23


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