Green Energy

Green Energy

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Renewable fuels, such as wind, solar, biomass, tides, and geothermal, are inexhaustible, indigenous, and often free. However, capturing them and transforming them into electricity, hydrogen, or clean transporation fuels often is not. Green Energy: Technology, Economics, and Policy addresses how to approach and apply technology, economics, and policy to bring down the costs involved with renewables, the most important challenge faced in the green era. Intended for students and professionals in resources, energy and environmental engineering and in economic fields focusing on green energy. It explores the ways and means of using technology, economics, and policy to address R a D issues, market penetration, improved efficiency, investment capital, policy changes, and more. It elucidates Green New Deal models in which the twin objectives of job generation and mitigation of climate change impacts are achieved through the harnessing of the transformative power of technology. The book links energy science and technology with energy economics, markets, policy, and planning. It describes how this can be accomplished through public a€“ private partnership in the prosecution of Innovation Chain (Basic Research - Applied Research a Development - Demonstration - Deployment - Commercialization).Geels, F.W (2002) Understanding the dynamics of Technological Transitions: A Coevolutionary and Socio-Technical Analysis, Twente University Press, Twente. ... Huang, H, and Yang, Z, (2009) Present situation and future prospect of hydropower in China, Renewable and ... clean, renewable, energy to the world, IEA Hydro, Accessed from: (02.03.10 ).

Title:Green Energy
Author:U. Aswathanarayana, Tulsidas Harikrishnan, Thayyib S. Kadher-Mohien
Publisher:CRC Press - 2010-08-11


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