Green Gold

Green Gold

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Green Gold is a thorough and valuable compilation of information on Alabamaa€™s timber and forest products industry, the largest manufacturing industry in the state. Alabama has the third-largest commercial forest in the nation, after only Georgia and Oregon. Fully two-thirds of the statea€™s land supports the growth of over fifteen billion trees on twenty-two million acres, which explains why Alabama looks entirely green from space. Green Gold presents the story of human use of and impact on Alabamaa€™s forests from pioneer days to the present, as James E. Fickle chronicles the history of the industry from unbridled greed and exploitation through virtual abandonment to revival, restoration, and enlightened stewardship. As the statea€™s largest manufacturing industry, forest products have traditionally included naval stores such as tar, pitch, and turpentine, especially in the southern longleaf stands; sawmill lumber, both hardwood and pine; and pulp and paper milling. Green Gold documents all aspects of the industry, including the advent of a€œscientific forestrya€ and the development of reforestation practices with sustained yields. Also addressed are the historical impacts of Native Americans and of early settlers who used axes, saws, and water- and steam-powered sawmills to clear and utilize forests. Along with an account of railroad logging and the big mills of the lumber bonanza days of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the book also chronicles the arrival of professional foresters to the state, who began to deal with the devastating legacy of a€œcut out and get outa€ logging and to fight the perennial curse of woods arson. Finally, Green Gold examines the rise of the tree farm movement, the rebirth of large-scale lumbering, the advent of modern environmental concerns, and the movement toward the a€œFourth Foresta€ in Alabama. A Copublication with the Alabama Forestry Foundationand usually carried a bottle containing coal oil or kerosene to lubricate the saw and remove resin from it. once the tree ... felling trees, but by the mid-1950s, Alabama loggers had Poulan, homelite, and mcCullough one-man power saws. 97 F. eanbsp;...

Title:Green Gold
Author:James E. Fickle
Publisher:University of Alabama Press - 2014-02-28


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