Green, Healthy & Thrifty Gardening Helpful Hints: A Practical Guidebook of 1001 Wholesome Living Solutions to Make Life Easier & Save Money with Safe

Green, Healthy & Thrifty Gardening Helpful Hints: A Practical Guidebook of 1001 Wholesome Living Solutions to Make Life Easier & Save Money with Safe

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This book by Tui Rose, R.N., is endorsed by Dr. John Trowbridge, a Texas Environmental Toxicologist. Love or loathe gardening, these 1001 green-thumbs-up safe secrets, tips, tricks and tonics refreshingly motivate, making the task fun, fast, interesting and easy to do. Importantly, they also save precious health, money, time and energy. These tips are especially vital to health conscious individuals, parents, new brides, expecting parents, growing children, the unborn fetus, and pet care owners. Only natural alternatives and simple solutions are provided, using mostly ingredients already found in your food pantry or laundry for safety. Other tips include an entire chapter on homemade recipes and remedies for non-toxic pest control, success with seeds, seedlings, bulbs, cuttings, compost, mulch, fertilizers, novel scarecrows, and raised garden beds for easy no-stoop gardening. Discover tips on caring for tools, hoses, lawns, weeds, trees, enticing birds, maintaining indoor potted plants, watering while on holiday, keeping cut flowers blooming longer, making potpourri, preserving autumn leaves, how to use Diatomaceous Earth, a natural gift from Mother Nature for a multitude of beneficial uses, and much, more... Knowledge of alarming risks from toxic chemicals provided in an entire chapter of this book helps prevent birth defects, still birth, childhood and adult chronic diseases, e.g., ADD, Autism, Asthma, Cancer, Parkinson s, Multiple Sclerosis, learning deficits, poor memory and a whole host of other ailments, which can surface 10 to 30 years after exposure by breathing, ingestion, or absorption through the skin. Shockingly doctors in Canada warn after research that genetics, i.e., DNA interference by toxins used in the garden can appear in the next generation as mental and physical defects, disabilities, disease and more. An entire Resource Directory Chapter with contact information is dedicated to helping those wishing to find safer, non-toxic ready-made gardening and home alternatives. A wonderful gift for Mother s or Father s Day, Christmas, birthdays, bridal registry, PTA groups, organic gardener networks and pet owners. About the Author Author, Tui Rose, began listening to handy hints on the radio in New Zealand since the age of 10, before the family on a dairy farm got TV. As a married woman, she and her husband were avid gardeners and landscapers. Neighbors and weekend drivers would drive slowly by and even stop to admire and photograph their garden scene, a little paradise. Tui was tragically widowed in her early 30 s and left to raise two young children as a single mother. She worked as a registered nurse, having broad experience for over 35 years. Tui is widely travelled, having been accepted for the prestigious position of private nurse for Lady Winston Churchill in London from 1972 to 1973. When Tui, sustained a spinal cord injury requiring surgeries 15 years ago, she could no longer work in her trained capacity, so turned her attention to prevention by drawing upon her medical knowledge and experience to research non-toxic alternatives in her goal to provide a series of books for her upcoming qWholesome Living Collection.q Preventing illness and disease, and making life easy, safe, natural and thrifty is her prime focus. Tui is also author of an Amazon 5-star book and multiple times publisher s best monthly seller titled: qGoing Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How-To Tips.q She is the first author in the world to write a consumer book on this subject, a companion book to natural, non-toxic gardening.Nipping beans for better pods: Nipping the growing tip encour- ages better development of the pods on bean plants. Remove the tips when the plants are in full flower. WEED. WORRIES. As. Ground cover deters weeds: Ask your local nursery to recom- mend a low maintenance ground ... Smother weeds with newspaper: For a quick fix in a few small troublesome spots, put down a few layers of newspaperanbsp;...

Title:Green, Healthy & Thrifty Gardening Helpful Hints: A Practical Guidebook of 1001 Wholesome Living Solutions to Make Life Easier & Save Money with Safe
Author:Tui Rose
Publisher:CCB Publishing - 2012-05-01


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