Greening Death

Greening Death

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We once disposed of our dead in earth-friendly waysa€”no chemicals, biodegradable containers, dust to dust. But over the last 150 years death care has become a toxic, polluting, and alienating industry in the United States. Today, people are slowly waking up to the possibility of more sustainable and less disaffecting death care, reclaiming old practices in new ways, in a new age. Greening Death traces the philosophical and historical backstory to this awakening, captures the passionate on-the-ground work of the Green Burial Movement, and explores the obstacles and other challenges getting in the way of more robust mobilization. As the movement lays claim to greener, simpler, and more cost-efficient practices, something even more promising is being offered upa€”a tangible way of restoring our relationship to nature.And thata#39;s because decomposition of an embalmed body takes quite a different course than one that is not embalmed, ... to dead bodies, are not attracted to those chemicals, staying away until much of the fluid has dissipated.56 Ocean life isanbsp;...

Title:Greening Death
Author:Suzanne Kelly
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2015-09-01


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