Ground Beef for the Mind

Ground Beef for the Mind

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divWe rarely have the guts to say it, but this book does! It eclipses, principally, issues and topics that would be beneficial if discussed openly. But sadly, we seldom, if ever, have the gall to do so. It slam dunks you with food for thought -- raw. In all there are over a hundred discussions and expos?s (many with a complementary illustration) that include the following (paraphrased):The Virginia Tech myth about guns;Juveniles delinquents needed for road kill;How to marry a Canadian murderer;Some speeding tickets are Legal Highway Robbery;The genetic code for sexual orientation;The Pantyhose-Diamonds connection;Dump your wife because life is short;The prostitution solicitation mystery;IQ and geography;The FSBO myth;Put dem prosecutors in the slammer;Is Rush a new four letter word?The brain evolution puzzle;When your vote is meaningless;The intelligence behind dumb political ads;The follies of Child Support Court;No place to pee in Brooklyn;Gene mutations in Polygamist Wives;Legal Child Abuse;How to deal with a cop when stopped;Megamart myths;The Daytime Soap ? Talk Radio Connection;A High Wire Jamaican adventure;Mabel?s demise while traveling with a dish of chicken curry;How to be a rock star; and much more. Honest, satirical, humorous, thought provoking, and very candid. Not politically correct. Enjoy!a€œ/divgThis discussion has to do with our tendencies to be attracted to either males or females or in some cases, both. a€œWhere do ... Or a white man does not first look at himself before he decides that a black woman is sexy. But as probably happensanbsp;...

Title:Ground Beef for the Mind
Author:Tema Kuda
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-12-30


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