Grow Your Wings, Fly Away and Build Your Nest

Grow Your Wings, Fly Away and Build Your Nest

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Grenadian Experience Shines Like a Caribbean Jewel in this Book of Personal History John Jakasal poetically presents the soul of Grenada and how it can survive and prosper as world renowned a€œIsle of Spicea€ with his life as an example. USA, The Caribbean a Globally a€“ Grenadian writer and author John Jakasal weaves a€œthe cobweb that hides two paths in lifea€ in the eminently readable memoir Grow Your Wings, Fly Away And Build Your Nest. Sharing his family background and life story, he spins illuminating connections to Grenadian history through the colonial phase and compares it to the modern, complex fruit of that history to rekindle the islanda€™s spicy reputation and agricultural foundation that has seemingly lost its colors diminished by the annual hurricanes. He discusses what it means to be a Grenadian American as chief Technologist, Professor in the school of Radiology Technology and Clinical Instructor. His kind finds itself readily accepted in New York City, a place known for its homogenous international culture. His story may be unusual to many, but it is given serious consideration in this eye-opening memoir of a young man from humble beginnings who worked hard, left his parentsa€™ home, never forgetting from where he came, became independent, owes not a single man, and now comfortably retired. Author John Jakasala€™s textual path dances on the light of his spidera€™s web, and the dance of the spider as he weaves a vision of home, of a place to live and make a living in an agricultural safety net. Yet the delicate nature of Grenadaa€™s present is also present in the proceedings. The spidera€™s web is a delicate, gossamer beauty and it is Jakasala€™s brilliant poetic view of his mother island; little Grenada swamped by waves modernism and highwood. In Jakasal, as well as in the strong moral heart of his book, lie all things Grenadian: The island beauty and its blessed clime, the physical points of national identity that are still remarkably untouched despite the onslaught of modernity. This is further refined into an appreciation of how America is a place of opportunity for anyone willing. A place where a Grenadiana€™s native qualities can shine. Jakasal gives readers the taste of native Grenadian stew in this work, and it is an experience both filling and a taste everyone of his readers will remember with an appreciation of the nation and the people that made it.... for either a pair of pants or a shirt, I was taught how to sew them while peddling a manual Singer sewing machine. ... In an effort to improve my skills, I took commercial lessons in Pitmana#39;s shorthand and typing with Mr. Job Calliste in the anbsp;...

Title:Grow Your Wings, Fly Away and Build Your Nest
Author:John Jakasal
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-11-21


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