Growing Up and Finding Her

Growing Up and Finding Her

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Chicagoa€™s East Side and its Fox Valley suburbs form the backdrop for Growing Up and Finding Her, a memoir told with the poignancy that only a true story can deliver. Authors Brad and Mary Buettner recount how their lives stream together following the difficult challenges of the 1950s and 60s when their families struggled to overcome poverty, misfortune, and mental illness. The contrast between Brad Buettnera€™s small-town environment and Mary Ellen Janowskia€™s big-city experience is one aspect of the story. However, when Brad is six, the death of his sister, Bobby, plunges his family into a spiral of grief and anguish. Meanwhile, Mary battles personal insecurities after being rejected by her closest friend. The pair grapple with life independently until red corduroy, of all things, provides the nudge that blends them together in a union lasting more than forty-five years. In this moving tale, Richard Nixon and Dwight Eisenhower make a brief appearance, and the Vietnam War poses an unexpected obstacle three days before the couplea€™s wedding. Growing Up and Finding Her is a story of pain, friendship, and love which unfolds with sincere warmth and humor.Mary tried out halfa dozen outfits before deciding on a flared wool skirt and a long -sleeved, cotton blouse. She carefully prepared the new purse she had bought with her baby sitting money. ... She slipped the bag over her arm, pleased with the way it felt and, even though it had been inexpensive, the way it looked. ... be carrying a purse to school, she couldna#39;t be mistaken for an eighth grader; she was almost an adult, someone who needed to have cash available and wore make up.

Title:Growing Up and Finding Her
Author:Brad Buettner; Mary Buettner
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-03-21


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