Growing Up In Central Australia

Growing Up In Central Australia

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Surprisingly little research has been carried out about how Australian Aboriginal children and teenagers experience life, shape their social world and imagine the future. This volume presents recent and original studies of life experiences outside the institutional settings of childcare and education, of those growing up in contemporary Central Australia or with strong links to the region. Focusing on the remote communities a€“ roughly 1, 200 across the continent a€“ the volume includes case studies of language and family life in small country towns and urban contexts. These studies expertly show that forms of consciousness have changed enormously over the last hundred years for Indigenous societies more so than for the rest of Australia, yet equally notable are the continuities across generations.New Anthropological Studies of Aboriginal Childhood and Adolescence Ute Eickelkamp ... founded on selective, visible cultural traits supposed to characterize Aboriginal culture as a whole (dot paintings, didgeridoo, etc.) ... However, being identified as a member of a subordinate, disparaged group a€” eternal children whose needs are held to be catered for ... The question of whether such a responsibility is desirable is not an option a€” they do not have the choice not to make a choice.

Title:Growing Up In Central Australia
Author:Ute Eickelkamp
Publisher:Berghahn Books - 2013-08-15


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