Growing Up Old School

Growing Up Old School

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Growing up old school means that you lived in one of the greatest time periods in America to be a kid. It means that you played outside everyday, all day long and that you got dirty and hurt. You did things you weren't supposed to and you probably had some close calls but you lived through them; now those are the funny stories you tell of qqremember when.qq It means that you were expected to eat SPAM and fried baloney. You probably got picked on by some bullies but you probably played plenty of pranks yourself. Your dad would let you sit on his lap and drive the car on back country roads. Your parents smoked, drank, cussed, and beat your butt when you deserved it. We had great music and played it loudly; we danced, and grew our hair long, and lived everyday like it might be our last. I think I've nearly perfectly exemplified what it was like growing up in the 60's and 70's. It is a journey that will evoke fond memories and once they are dusted off, I can guarantee that you will feel young again.Watch the movie RollBounce to get an idea of what it looked like to combine roller skating and great dance music. ... The bowling alley always had a special ambiance that mixed family-friendly with a backroom all-night poker game. Any sportanbsp;...

Title:Growing Up Old School
Author:Tab LaFollette - 2014-08-03


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