Growing Up the Greek Way in the Big Apple

Growing Up the Greek Way in the Big Apple

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When you grow up Greek, you grow up differentlya€”especially in the culturally rich city of New York. Mike Pappas was born just after the start of World War II to parents who left Greece seeking a better life. In this memoir, he recalls his boyhood adventures in vivid detail, sharing memories that are sad, bizarre, insightful, and fun. Growing up in New York City and being a first-generation Greek immigrant was an adventure in and of itself. It was a time everybody remembered and treasured. Mike Pappas recalls his familya€™s quirks and the many old traditions he tried to adhere to but often failed to carry out. Caught between two worlds, he enjoyed the best of both of them. Here are the varied experiences of Lent and Holy week and hidden aspects of Greek Orthodox life that are woven into everyday life. Explore two worlds and discovera€”or relivea€”what it means to grow up as a Greek American. This memoir is full of insight, enthusiasm, and honesty about what it was like Growing Up the Greek Way in the Big Apple.They said Aunt Harriet had been there, and she was using some Greek witchcraft . She was a tremendous believer ... Then she would say to a€œfeesura€ (a€œblowa€) on her hand, and then she would open her hand and say, a€œNa.a€ This was her way of anbsp;...

Title:Growing Up the Greek Way in the Big Apple
Author:Mike Pappas
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-03-23


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